Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 10 Our work begins Jan 26, 2011

     Today was our first day working with the SACCO to see what their needs were and interviewing staff. We met with interim manager, Patrick Chingwa, to review the operations of their SACCO. As the SACCO is 15 kms from Rumphi we decided to be there early and leave at 1:30 to have lunch in got it at Chef's Pride, the only place we know to eat so far.

    After lunch Scott worked on the report as I check my eyelids for cracks....for just a short bit.

    You can guess where we did dinner and we were back to the hotel. It was just after 7:00 and very dark to walk back. What complicates it is that the traffic here and pedestrians all share the same space or lack thereof.....makes for interesting walks.

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