Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 16 Our final day of work. Feb 1, 2011

    As i look at the date I think back to home and how I always say that you can really only tell the days getting longer on Feb 1, before that it isn't much difference. Well today is Feb 1st already and I have been away from home 2 weeks. Here the days stay pretty much the same all year long give or take and hour.

    Other than our meeting with the board which is scheduled for tomorrw, our last day of work is today. We were at the office early again and met with Elina and also Brendan, a teller, to do some more analysis of their operations. Again from what we heard and have found, they are doing very well, but do have some things we believe we can give them some advice on. Although today was slightly slower, it was still a very busy day for them.

   Town was very busy today and the restaurant was full, but seeing as we have been regulars the last week, the waiters had us a seat in no time. What an awesome crew of young men that are always happy and how they love getting their picture taken. None available to post...Sorry. As we were leaving lunch a young girl on her bike thought Scott was her father and stopped us. Sarah, who is with the Peace Corps, and is from Idaho, is in Malawi for 2 years. She was living with a mother and 14 year old daughter but since the mother has died, so the daughter and her are living together now. Talk about life changing. She live 15 kms from Rumphi and only has a bike. She is paid about $125.00 a month to live on. I had to run back to the office to print the report and on the way back, Sarah was leaving town. I stopped and chatted with her some more. She couldn't believe we were only staying 2 weeks and I couldn't believe she would be there 2 years. An interesting story for sure.

   After supper we had a couple of drinks and called it a night. Tomorrow we meet the board to deliver the report and start our journey back to Lilongwe. Our first stop is Mzuzu and both of us can't wait for air conditioning, internet, and a different menu to eat from. But will miss Rumphi for sure as it has become our community for the last week.

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