Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 14 Trip to Nkhatabay Jan 30, 2011

   Today was another day off and we decided to make the trip to Nkhatabay and also check out Chikale Beach. The 110 Kms took us just over 2 hours but the time went fast as the scenery was again hard to realize the beauty in it all. In many places there were settlements that were being farmed in hills larger than the Qu' Appelle valley hills (sorry for those who aren't familiar with these), and in many instances steeper and they were armed top to bottom.

  It was nice to get to the lake, Lake Malawi, which is I believe the largest lake in Afica and if it isn't, it is one of the largest. The sand here is much coarser than back home but very white. There were several home made boats, more like canoes back home, that the local took out into the water to fish in. No life jacket or anything. One has to wonder how many people drown here, but those types of things either are not considered or too expensive I would guess.

   We drove through a market, which is a mob scene, and out taxi drivers friend bought a Chambo and tied it to the side mirror for the ride home. I don't understand how people here don't get sick from the way the fish are handled. In the markets there are fish laying in the heat all day long and the smell in itself would suggest things are decaying.

   Upon arrival home, we did some prep work for or next SACCO visit for tomorrow, ventured up to our trusty Chef's Pride restaurant for supper and called it a night soon after.

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