Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 17 The Final Report Feb 2, 2011

      As out meeting with the board wasn't to start until 11:00 we had some time to kill this morning. We did decide to go a little early to make sure all was ready when we arrive. Also, yesterday when we had them print the report, they had to bike uptown to get printing paper as they didn't have any left at the office, something we're not used to seeing back home for sure.

   When we arrived at the office there were several people around, so we visited until all the members we were to meet showed up. As we were meeting with them, a photographer came into the meeting and was taking all these pictures, a little bit of interruptions to say the least. On top of that, the board members kept sending notes around and then their cell phones would ring.....it was getting quite funny. (Thankfully my part of the presentation was over). One of the notes came around to us coaches and it was what kind of a drink we would like. The manager and one of the board ladies were discussing our gifts at one point. It just seemed very strange as this board appeared very professional and organized, but all these distractions were comical. Anyway, the whole thing went very well. They presented us with Chitenje cloth that they had made for their SACCO, which is the cloth that they use to carry their babies or wrap on their heads to carry things, or even just cover their clothes so they stay clean. We took a bunch more photos with the photographer and said our goodbyes. This was the last of our organized trip to the SACCO's and it was finally setting in, which made leaving tough.

    From the meeting we were off to Mzuzu for a night, and to help break up the trip back to Lilongwe. It would save us an hour, which means a lot in this country. And yes the air, internet and menu was great!!


  1. Brad, I turn more green with envy everyday I read your blog. I will be away when you arrive home but am looking forward to a few nights of Canadian Beer and story telling. Safe journey home, jet lag once more, but as good as it is to go, I'm sure it will feel good to be home. A changed person no doubt from your experience.

  2. I have followed your blog and had many smiles and great memories as you experience "Offal" things. You will return a changed human being. Brushing teeth with bottled water, unidentifiable food, hot nights and strange pests...it is all worth it. Can't wait to see you at AGM. See you soon...Marilyn McKee