Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 13 This Mzungu skin got color today Jan 29, 2011

    We took the safari ride today and although the pictures may not tell the whole story it will tell a lot. It was very good and our tour guide Vasco is a book of knowledge on all of the marsh. Here we go...... I may post more pics later as Scott got some good ones and he has a better camera.

                                Our tour vehicle and about the only one I've seen in Malawi with more than an empty tank of gas.

        Hippos in the water.
              More Hippos
              Sam our ssecurity person in case of a charging animal on our walk. Comforting.
                  A Hippo footprint.

     Velvet monkey.
       Termite hill.
            What Amaretto is made of and it is a similar name. This is the seed. Funny thing is it ferments and elephants eat it and Vasco says they are noisier in that season. And after the elephants digest it, the Baboons will dig through their dumpings and eat them yet. Sick. Also the difference between tracking a male elephant and a female elephant is a male keeps walking and the females stop to take a dump.

        The above two are chalets available at the marsh.
       We got stuck. Got out though.

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