Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 12 Last day at Phindu Jan 28, 2011

    I woke up at 3:00 today not because of any animals or the time difference, today there is yet another reason. I finally got my bed net last night and to put it up I had to move my bed beside the window. Now it is only a foot closer than usual but the sound of lightening hitting too close for comfort certainly would wake anyone. Funny how  the mind builds all these little things up that at home a person would just wake up and say it was a poor night.......maybe cuz there has been so many or so it seems.

    I did get back to sleep and woke up in time for the traditional 7:00 breakfast. On the way back we sw a guard sitting outside our hotel. We stopped and talked with him for a while and noticed that there were men in white clothes working across the street which houses the prison. We asked what most of them were in for and he said murder. Yeah... the look on our face was GREAT. Most of them had sickles to cut the grass and he was sitting there unarmed. Very interesting.

    We got our ride to the SACCO and met with Patrick and the BOD. They were very inviting of our recommendation and appreciated our input into improving their operations.

     We went to Matunkha for dinner and met up with some interns from the UK and Netherlands. Now they had some interesting stories about the hospital they are working in. they are here for 2 months. Note the color of my vegetable soup.

 Tomorrow our Safari tour is planned.

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