Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3

    After a wonderful nights sleep the day started again with a continental breakfast and more visiting with the other coaches we will be departing with.

    At the training center we had a presentation from Carol Hunter highlighting the role of CCA and the impact they play in both domestic and foreign development. Basically there is too much information to accurately share on here and I have asked for a summary in order to fairly share the details.

   From ther we continued on with the Intercultural learning. A large part of the day surrounded communication and "single story" theories. As much as this inforamtion is helpful on our current role, I believe the information will remain invaluable in all of our roles back at our branches also.

  The training session ennded a little earlier today, giving us a some time to walk down to the parliament, Rideau canal and gard a drink, or two, at one of the local pubs with Janice and Lennie who will be going to Ghana.

   After a tasty, and spicey, East Indian dinner we are back at our hotel for the last leg of our stay in Ottawa.

   Day 3 is coming to an end soon. Ps. hopefully a pic will be added tomorrow.

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