Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Learning a new culture

    Day two came really fast as expected. A quick meet most of the coaches downstairs at the continental breakfast and we were off for a short 2 block walk to the office of CCA.

   Our morning started with an introduction from the CCA staff and some of the coaches that we hadn't met at breakfast. From there we were preety much imersed in cultural learning from Jas our India (I think) facilitator that brought awareness to cultural sensitivity and awareness.

   We then got to meet as teams with people of Malawi (Stella and Mathias) who were invaluable in teaching us their customs. It was so interesting to learn of what the people we are going to be visiting are like. For them to share their stories makes our mission easier and provides energy to our work ahead. After sharing lunch with them and hearing more of their country and people, we rejoined the group to go through a group exercise on understanding cultural differences and our reactions. A useful tool and we had fun doing it.

   From there it was a brief presentation from John as to  CCA and how the organization works, is funded and the vision and mission statement of CCA and we were off to our final group activity....dinner.

   After a couple of drinks a big tasty dinner and the length of the day.......sleep won't we far away. And likewise morning.

   That in a nutshell wraps day 2. Very educational, with meeting many new faces and especially people from the country we are visitiing, highlights an exciting day!

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