Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 7 Chill time in the Africa heat

    After a heavy downpour of rain overnight we woke up to clear blue skies. I hit breakfast at 6:30 which was made up of beef sausages, potatoes, fresh fruit and juice and topping it off was fried chicken heart (ussually served as an appetizer back home and quite pricey too). Delicious, and not to mention the things I did not eat.

   I took a quick stroll through the city as the heat haden't hit too bad yet. The friendly faces and upbeat demeanor of the locals is something that really captivates you. There are people pushing bicycles, ladies walking with things balanced on their heads, cars darting past you (which is scarey as they drive on the other side of the road) and they come by unexpectingly.

   The coaches met for lunch, mine was a whole Chambo (which I will post a pic later) and we decided to take a taxi to Century Park (I think) to see some wildlife. It was refreshing to get some excercize and witness the lush beauty of a bit of Africa.

    Upon return we headed for dinner at an Italian owned restaurant to change the menu up a bit, and it certainly hit the spot. From there we were back to the rooms to do some final prep. for our meetings tomorrow with MUSCCO and our journey to the north. The day to gather ourselves was timely but we are eager to get duties accomplished.

   We will see what the likelihood of posting blogs is at when we arrive in Rumphi tomorrow!

   With that I bid goodnight all!

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