Monday, January 17, 2011

Today is take off day

   As I sit in the airport preparing for the first of several flights, the stomach has an unusual feeling about it. So many new things, everything from Brendon dropping me off at the door, to getting my boarding passes, to signing onto wireless for the first time. It feels like I've never done these things before.

   A couple hours to take off. I sit waiting for a familiar face as we make this journey together. Last minute notes to compare, apprehensions to settle, and interests to discuss. Seems all so like a dream.

  Security and boarding passes create no hitches and the flight is off to Winnipeg. A quick flight change, meet some new coaches and again in the air to Ottawa.

  Our flight gets in a little later than scheduled but still good time to have a good rest tonight....if one can sleep that is. But we must try as it's getting close to midnight local time and seeing as I will be operating on everyone's local time for the next few weeks.....I'm calling it a night.

  Day 1 in complete!


  1. Well is sounds like you are off to see the world. Well another part of the world anyway. Thinking of you and the new adventure that awaits with less snow and no skates, new friends await. Take care, we are anxiously checking your blog, Thanks for keep us informed.

  2. Hi Brad, It is great to follow you on the blog. Your early entries take me back to my first study mission experience. Please say hello to Scott from me. You two will make a great team. And business class is a nice perk for you - what a guy. I am thrilled that you took this opportunity. I know that your sincerity and wisdom will be respected. Live and love the cultural experience of Malawi. You will undoubtedly impact many lives during your journey and sharing. We are in Arizona for 2 months but hope to get together with you for a good chat at the AGM. Take Care My Friend...Marilyn McKee