Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 8 Our trip up north

    Our day started pretty normal as the sleeping here is taking some time to get accustomed to. The time difference still plays games with our minds, the bed net, albeit like a bird sanctuary, is strange, and they have the universal bird here too.....the crow! And they start their days the same time about 5:30.

   After breakfast we walked to the MUSCCO, which is the Central, and had a meeting with Sylvester, the CEO; Lillian, Business Development Manager and Swanzie, Business Development Officer, these two ladies met us at the airport when we arrived. Also attending the meeting was Fumbani, Head of Finance and Administration. The meeting was very informal but productive. Again I might mention the friendly nature of the Malawi people and these people treat you like none other.

   From there we said goodbye to the other teams and Scott and I started off to our SACCO's we would be meeting. We did find out that although the distance is only 470 kms we would not make it there today which I found unusual. But after about one hour of travel I knew why. 

   Let me start. You do not drive for 200 meters without passing someone walking by the road. There are numerous villages that you must reduce your speed to 50kms an hour. The traffic starting out was very heavy as Lilongwe is a city of 2 million people. the roads are in good condition but very curvy. It may seem frustration to many of you but what a truely beautiful road to travel that you cannot try to do justice by describing and pictures I'm sure will only tell half the story. truelly amazing!

   And to top it off we could not have asked for a more genuine, conscienious, and informative drive, who was Swanzie. I learned so much of their cultures, families, beliefs, and country in general that it will be difficult to remember all the details.

   We arrived in Mzuzu at around 5:45 and planned to freshen up a bit, meet for dinner and I would assume hit the hay, so to speak right after. We have to be up early and on the road to meet the SACCO......and would assume the universal bird exists here too to wake us up!

   PS some pics will be added, I think I took at least 50 today.

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  1. The sharing of your experiences are fabulous Brad but I'm sure not the entire story. Photo's are awesome, and it is very exciting to hear from you. I've been watching every day. Can't wait for you to get home and have a story telling night or two.