Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 5 and 6

    Up and down pretty much sums up these two days. If we weren't flying we were sitting in an airport, sleeping in a Yotel, grabbing a quick bite to eat or just hanging out for a plane.

   The first leg was about a 7 hour flight from Ottawa to London (Business class was certainly a treat which included drinks, salmon appetizer, cod main course, full reclining seats to mention just some of the "perks"). And we haven't taken too much "crow" from the rest of the coaches.

   In London we had a 10 hour layover and that is where we spent time sleeping in the Yotel. A compartment with bed, bathroom and TV. Just before midnight we were off from London to Nairobi an 8 hour flight.

   After a breakfast at Simba lounge and a 2 hour layover we were on our final leg to Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. We arrived just before noon local time and the MUSCCO staff had us in our rooms by 1:00. We checked in and took a quick tour in the local area to exchange cash and buy phone cards. Now to figure out how to work them.

   The coaches split off into their rooms for a sleep, internet update, and cleanup. We met for dinner and all seemed pretty excited to be getting back into our rooms.

   After al lthe different time zones the body isn't sure what clock to follow. I get a good sense of what it is like to be a newborn and have their days and nights mixed up.

   Tomorrow it sounds like our meeting has been put off for a day so a little free time and prep work for our Monday meeting with MUSCCO. From there Scott  and I are off to our Credit Unions in the Rumphi regoin.

   Sorry no pics available at this time but certainly will be added I hope. Now off to the bednet (which I will get a pic of) and try to catch some sleep.

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