Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 4 Ottawa to London

   The morining started with the same ritual of the morning coffee, visiting with coaches and sharing more stories. Except......this morning would be special as before leaving Canada it was important to grab a chance of Tim Horton's coffee and a sausage and egger!

   From there we were back at CCA to go over final prep for the trip. Just when you think they have filled you with all the required knowledge......they have more to prepare. We also got a few tips on "writing a story". Especially good ideas for us "journalistically challenged" individuals.  The afternoon plan is for direct training for in country information and also a presentation from the second year coaches.

   Our flights are planned to leave at 10:05 local time and with the helpful assistance of Scott I will be flying business class for the next leg of our trip.

   That is my entry for today as it is an overnight flight and we expect to arrive in London 10:00a.m. local time.

   Found some time at the airport and thought I would add to the blog. First pic is the teams going to Ghana and Malawi in the airport, boarding passes in hand and ready for security check. Oh yeah! After through security I met Scott in the Super elite status bar, yes all because of an awesome partner I get free drinks, a quiet lounge and a very comfy flight to London. Not the most popular with the rest of the coaches but how could one resist. The last picture is Mister Super-Elite himself.

   I think I have heard from all of the coaches that we are all ready to be there and start our project, so until I get internet and time see you all.


  1. enjoy your flight, have a safe trip and keep writing every opportunity.

  2. Well Brad, at this point I get more jealous, elite bar, special treatment, we'll see where all that goes when you arrive. LOL next photos perhaps riding a jeep that has rusted floor boards and no cover. LOL. No Tim Hortons I'm pretty sure, as far as sausage, well time will tell. Have fun.

  3. Nice to hear all is well Brad. I look forward to reading more!

    Karen Timoshuk, CCA International